Tom Suwart, Spirax Sarco UK's newly approved BOAS Trainer!

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Sally O'Connell, 02/09/2021


Spirax Sarco UK's Steam Technology Centre now has another BOAS certified trainer - Tom Suwart. Tom is now one of the few people in the UK to be awarded the highly regarded Boiler Operation Accreditation Scheme (BOAS) Trainer Certification by the Combustion Engineering Association (CEA).

Tom is passionate about learning and development and this drive and ambition are what led Tom to his success today. Tom delivers training interactively, from Steam Fundamentals to Maintenance of Steam Systems to Design of Steam Systems, at the UK Steam Technology Centre, via remote live classroom and at customer's sites. With a background in engineering, Tom is motivated by providing the skills and knowledge that enable our customers to gain the maximum benefit, both efficiently and safely when operating and managing their plant.

Spirax Sarco UK is one of the few organisations in the UK to have delivered the BOAS courses since the scheme’s inception in 2005. The UK training team trains individuals to operate boilers and work in the boiler house safely and efficiently to BOAS standards.

This training can save companies thousands of pounds through lower fuel costs and a reduced need for repair work and water treatment chemicals – contributing to their overall sustainability targets.

How? The BOAS training provides companies with the skills and knowledge to run their boiler house more efficiently, working safely and following best practice guidance so they have a greater understanding of how the system operates and the consequences of their actions. It helps them recognise what to look out for and promotes a more proactive attitude to managing a plant.

The BOAS certification is a prestigious and nationally recognised certification for boiler operators. The scheme helps employers demonstrate that they have provided suitable and appropriate training to boiler operators and boiler-house managers in line with BG01 (Guidance on Safe Operation of Steam Boilers).

With 4,750 professionals BOAS-accredited in the UK, and a requirement to be renewed every five years, there is a consistently high demand for BOAS-certified trainers to carry out the scheme’s courses.

Achieving this trainer certification isn't straightforward. Proposed trainers go through a gruelling assessment to be awarded Approved BOAS Trainer status which tests their knowledge, experience and understanding of industry best practice. Tom was supported throughout the process by the training team and the CEA to create a development plan to ensure he matched the stringent criteria they were looking for.

Spirax Sarco's latest BOAS Trainer Certification, awarded to Tom Suwart, means we now have further in-house capacity and expertise to continue delivering and innovating. This market-leading training programme enables our training centre to provide an even wider variety of engaging course content.

Congratulations, Tom and we wish you continued success in the UK training team!

‘It’s a real honour to be awarded the BOAS trainer certification. In fact the approval process was very thorough, and rightly so, but you know I really enjoyed delving through the syllabus (and more..) - I think my colleagues might say I enjoyed myself too much! Enabling our customers to operate their plant safely and efficiently, and upskilling them is crucial; and as always here in the training centre I’m looking forward to sharing that knowledge, passion and enthusiasm through BOAS.’
– Tom Suwart