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CIBSE and Engineers Ireland certified

Did you know that we offer a wide range of CIBSE & Engineers Ireland certified CPD presentations that we can deliver live and in person at your workplace? Virtual presentations can also be offered for those wishing to dial in remotely.

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Our CPDs cover a broad range of topics tailored to those in both the building services and process consultancy sectors. With topics including ‘Steam Fundamentals’, ‘Steam and Heat Exchange’, and ‘Condensate Management’, Consultants; Engineers and Professional & Representative Organisations will certainly not be short on matters that they can cover.

A broad & basic entry level presentation giving a good introduction & overview of the physical properties of steam, why it is widely used as a heat transfer media and typical applications.

The importance of trapping steam, steam trap types and operating principles. Basic design considerations including line sizing, costs associated with poor trapping, sizing and selection examples, operational condition monitoring, consequences of incorrectly operating steam traps and trouble shooting

The energy content of steam, along with comparisons to LTHW, how to use steam efficiently for heat transfer, key heat transfer calculations, energy and control comparisons with other solutions, condensate management and its’ role in energy recovery, overall system efficiency & monitoring, the role of steam with various heat sources.

A good continuation of the Steam Fundamentals presentation, covering basic design of typical systems, good working practice, and the differences with other media such as LTHW – a great entry-level presentation, and a useful refresher for those revisiting the topic of Steam.

What is Condensate and why remove it anyway? Sizing, layout of condensate lines; design considerations; calculating value of lost recovered condensate; condensate pumping, dealing with contaminated condensate, monitoring condensate recovery in the context of system efficiency.

A high level overview looking at typical uses of steam in healthcare (hospital) applications, and taking a closer look at two popular steam applications (Heat Exchange and Sterilisation), together with understanding their challenges; solutions; relevant industry standards & regulations and design considerations.

A presentation focused on the benefits of using steam for heat exchange applications, how fully packaged instantaneous plate heat exchanger systems operate & why they offer significant benefits such as cost savings, energy efficiency improvements, carbon reduction and removal of legionella (L8) risks and pressure test legislation requirements compared with traditional shell & tube / calorifier systems.

The different Steam conditions and typical applications; feedwater and its’ impact on steam quality, understanding the differences between steam quality and steam purity, design considerations and their impact on steam quality.

A conceptual overview – rather than technical presentation – looking at new products, solutions and innovations that are at an advanced stage of development,pre-commercialisation, that seek to address the decarbonisation of steam and production of sustainable steam as we move towards 2040/2050.

I’m passionate about the crucial role that CPD presentations play within a blended learning approach. The wide range of steam-related topics we have on offer, along with our ‘best practice’ approach using some great quality materials, means we are uniquely placed in our industry to support Designers and Consultancy Practices looking to refine, refresh and enhance their learning around steam and thermal energy.
Steve Bishop is a Consultant Specialist for Spirax Sarco UK & Ireland, with many years’ experience of a variety of general industrial and steam-using processes, including manufacturing experience across a variety of industries.

Daniel Wells

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National Consultant Specialist

What CPDs do Spirax Sarco offer?

Our CPDs cover a broad range of topics tailored to those in both the building services and process consultancy sectors. With topics including ‘Steam Fundamentals’, ‘Energy and Steam’, and ‘Condensate Management’, consultants, businesses and collective regional bodies will certainly not be short on matters that they can cover.


Steam is a broad subject and so cannot be covered in just one overall presentation. A CPD provides those attending with manageable pieces of information they can use to bolster their knowledge in a particular area. For example, our ‘The Future of Steam in Building Services’ CPD is ideally suited to consultants in the building services sector and will assist them in understanding how to increase energy efficiencies and reduce CO2 emissions.

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