Steam plays an important role in improving the efficiency of waste processing and sterilisation

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Recycling plant

Waste is part of our every day lives and is generated by virtually everything we do.

Waste management is topical in the UK, with a new focus created by the Waste Strategy for England 2007, part of the UK Government's compliance with the Landfill Directive on waste disposal. There is also growing interest in making better use of technology to harness the energy contained in waste material.

Why Steam is used in the Waste Sector

Steam is frequently used in waste treatment processes because of its excellent heat transfer properties compared to hot water and thermal oil. It has the added advantage of sterilising the material it comes into contact with, meaning that waste can be stored and handled safely before it is sent either to landfill or onto the farmer's field.

Recycling plant

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Steam plays an important role in improving the efficiency of waste processing and sterilisation. Steam is increasingly being used in processes that recover valuable energy from this waste and Spirax Sarco has been at the forefront, working with waste technology providers to improve processes in the waste sector.

Within this sector there are two distinct areas:

Waste Water & Sewage Sludge 

Spirax Sarco's steam solutions complement the use of anaerobic digestion in Waste Water and Sewage Sludge processes by improving overall plant efficiency

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Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) 

Spirax Sarco steam products and knowledge can help in processing Municipal Solid Waste, from autoclaving to advanced thermal treatment

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