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Start your decarbonisation journey

Introducing Audit & Advisory services from spirax sarco

Agree on scope and deliverables

Desktop review and site audit

Detailed and comprehensive report and recommendations

Our holistic approach gives you practical recommendations to reduce your scope 1, 2 and 3 carbon emission footprint by embracing:

  • Safety
  • Process efficiency
  • Energy savings
  • Cost savings
  • Decarbonised green thermal energy via electric generation
  • Balancing.

Your Advance audit profiles energy use as you follow your net zero roadmap to exemplary environmental performance.

Apply our experience and knowledge to your systems through the qualified energy, steam system and applications engineers who tailor each audit to your key drivers.


+ Deep dive into your steam and condensate system

+ Evaluate decarbonisation and sustainability technologies

+ Calculate key performance parameters

+ Evaluate steam generation efficiency

+ Review thermal energy usage

+ Inspect for safety and compliance

+ Examine against steam system best practice

+ Assess potential improvements

Key Outcomes

+ Efficiency benchmarking

+ System optimisation

+ Demand-side reduction

+ Energy saving and heat recovery recommendations

+ Steam, thermal energy and decarbonisation roadmap

+ Future proofing for expansion

+ Productivity improvements

+ Safety recommendations


What does the Advance Audit & Advisory service involve? Let’s dig deeper into what you can expect:


Deep dive into your steam and condensate system

Knowledge and understanding are powerful. Without fully understanding your steam and condensate system we can't possibly advise on a solution to meet your needs and help you do better business. So we take that deep dive into your steam and condensate system.

Calculate the key performance parameters

Once we understand the workings of your steam and condensate systems, we can calculate key performance parameters to inform carefully considered recommendations.

Evaluate steam generation efficiency

How efficiently is your boilerhouse currently creating steam? We’ll find out. Then we can benchmark your boilerhouse efficiency and quantify your steam generation. Next, we’ll identify cost savings and make informed recommendations for system enhancements. Advance audits are much more than just box-ticking exercises. What’s more we can support you in revolutionising your steam generation efficiency with our range of Target Zero solutions including electric high voltage generation and balancing with decarbonisation and sustainability in mind.

Review thermal energy usage

You don’t need us to tell you why thermal energy is important, but we can help you make best use of it. As above, when we do a thorough energy audit, we’ll look closely at thermal energy management in your organisation and recommend future improvements.

Inspect thoroughly for safety and compliance

Unwavering commitment to safety and compliance has always underpinned everything Spirax Sarco does.

Examine against steam system best practice

There’s a right way to design and install a steam system and there are the other ways. The latter bring all kinds of short- and long-term consequences. These range from minor annoyances and cost inefficiencies to major operational and safety issues.

That’s why we’ve built our business on strict adherence to industry best practices for steam and condensate systems. And why Advance steam consulting ensures that everything we design, engineer and install always follows current best practice.

Assess the potential for improvement

That’s what we do, but what does it mean for you? Here are the key outcomes you can expect from Advance steam consulting.

Key Outcomes

Efficiency benchmarking

Picture your steam and condensate systems. Now think about the techniques used to identify best practices to serve as benchmarks for measurement and management of energy efficiency improvements that meet your KPIs. KPIs.

System optimisation

Imagine tuning a high-performance car: now imagine the benefits of doing the same to your steam systems.

Demand-side reduction

Despite growing use of renewable and sustainable energy resources, rising energy prices and reduced overall available energy are with us for the foreseeable future. Setting and achieving energy reduction targets isn't just good for the environment, your carbon reduction commitment and your corporate social responsibility (CSR). It’s also good for your energy focused KPIs and bottom line.

Anything that cuts your steam generation cost is worth looking into. Demand-side reduction for your energy centre is an obvious way to mitigate rising costs. The Spirax Sarco Advance steam consulting audit is your gateway to improved performance in this important operational area.

Energy saving and heat recovery recommendations

At the same time, we’ll look closely at possibilities for energy savings initiatives and ways you can harness the power of advanced heat recovery. This is great for your eco-footprint. It could also be an easy win on the way to a stronger bottom line. We’re also experienced with Automatic Monitoring and Targeting Systems (AMTS) for steam systems…

Your steam, thermal energy and decarbonisation roadmap

How will you develop your steam, thermal energy generation and decarbonisation strategy? An important part of the Advance audit involves development of a roadmap to give essential understanding of your future direction, as well as better planning and strategy certainty.

Future proofing for expansion

As part of Advance auditing, we’ll look at effective ways to future-proof your steam and condensate systems. Of course, we’ll also maintain awareness of the imperative to minimise utility consumption. With our professional input today, you can reduce costs in future. We’ve helped organisations like yours with this for over a century.

Productivity improvements

We all want to improve productivity. Advance consulting helps you do this with your steam and condensate. Your Advance audit gives vital clues about achieving this.

Safety recommendations

Safety is one of your top priorities – and at the forefront of everything we design, make and install. No wonder safety – and ways to improve system safety is a priority for every audit.

Audit & Advisory – delivery

Finally, here's a brief summary of how we deliver the Audit & Advisory part of Advance steam consulting:

It all adds up to the perfect understanding needed to underpin recommendations and implementation that will transform your steam and condensate systems for the future.

Agree Scope & Deliverables

A site visit defines scope and deliverables

Proposal and agreement to proceed

Pre-audit meeting

Pre-audit meeting to agree timetable, site safety requirements, introduce Spirax team and required site support

Desktop review of your energy data and site drawings


Site audit

Areas covered: Energy centre, boiler house and steam generation – steam distribution – point of use and process – condensate – water treatment and effluent – energy mix – steam quality testing – steam trap survey – heat loss assessment


Report submission and presentation of findings and recommendations


“When Spirax Sarco carried out the original survey, they put in a conservative estimate of savings, and we ended up saving much more. That helped us decide to opt for the three-year contract. If the new savings estimates are correct, the contract offers excellent value for money and should help us reduce our carbon emissions by 200 tonnes a year.”

— Barry Aspey, the Utilities Manager for Heinz.

Start benefiting from Spirax Sarco’s Advance steam consulting. 

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Think of us as your steam and condensate system energy advisor

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