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It could be for steam in manufacturing, processing, in conjunction with renewable thermal energy or for any other application of steam in industry. Whatever your industry, it’s exciting to know that one of our oldest technologies – steam – is now one of the key technologies focused on carbon reduction.

And our design skills helps make it happen...

For your peace of mind when steam’s involved, industry leading-application engineers seamlessly integrate Spirax Sarco Target Zero solutions, equipment and packages with your infrastructure.

Sound design and flawless integration is key to the profitable future of steam generation and use in your organisation. If you need to reduce energy consumption, improve energy technology implementation or just get more out of your steam boiler, Spirax Sarco design skills are the answer.

This is the future of steam engineering, applied engineering with purpose. It’s a future where compliant solutions meet key driver and turn concepts into practical, profitable outcomes. As you would expect, every design solution follows best practice to give the most sustainable solution for your needs.

steam and condensate systems Design: the Advance way

So what's involved in a Spirax Sarco's Advance design solution?


+ Supply steam and condensate design information to enable installation of Spirax Sarco solutions, equipment and packages

+ Typically supply drawings, design scope, PED assessment and stress analysis

+ Sizing and layout of pipework, and selection of associated equipment

+ Provide a sustainable, optimised, safe design that demonstrates good practice

+ Control philosophy and system integration

Key Outcomes

+ Resolve knowledge/skill gaps and time-resource challenges

+ Provide scope documentation to use with your/our chosen installers

+ Ensure peace of mind from working with one trusted supplier who knows your site

+ Provide a cost and time efficient design route

+ Deliver a practical, sustainable solution

How we do Advance Design

And here’s how we do design for the steam systems underpinning successful organisations in fields as diverse as water treatment, processing industry, healthcare and renewable technology installations.

Whether we’re decarbonising a steam system, improving steam distribution efficiency or increasing your steam quality, the principles are the same:

Agree Scope and Deliverables

A site visit defines the scope and deliverables.

Proposal and agreement to proceed.

Site Survey

Information gathering and measurement collection

System Design and Equipment Selection

(including P&ID and Isometric Drawings)

The P&ID is the Piping and Instrumentation Diagram, a detailed graphical representation of your steam and condensates process system. It’s fundamental to every project we undertake, the basic 2D diagram – the definitive reference – for the design of your engineering system.

Preparation of Detailed Technical Documentation

At this stage of the design process, we prepare detailed technical documentation for your Engineering Design Package. This includes details of the project design specification, stress analysis, a design risk assessment and a proposed equipment schedule documenting all required equipment.

Presentation of Engineering Design Package

(includes equipment recommendations and cost proposal).

The Pressure Equipment Directive (PED)

Finally yet importantly, please note our expertise with PED. This directive applies to design, manufacture and conformity assessment of pressure equipment and assemblies with maximum allowable pressure over 0.5 bar gauge. If PED affects your organisation and you work with steam and condensates, we can help. Please ask about our PED Assessment services – yet another part of Advance steam consulting.


"Westons is a very environmentally conscious company. When Spirax Sarco suggested that installing RO (Reverse Osmosis) could save boiler blowdown water, we were very interested. The installation was quick and easy, and the RO system is compact. We’re very pleased with the results, and we may well consider using RO again in other applications."

— Jason Roberts, Westons Cider’s Engineering Manager

Start benefiting from Spirax Sarco’s Advance steam consulting.

Whether you’re independent chartered engineers specialising in steam and condensate systems, or an in-house engineer responsible for steam-using applications, Advance has something to offer.

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Designed-in peace of mind wherever steam is involved

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