FAQS ON Steam quality

Angelo Giambrone, Business Development Manager, 17/08/2020

Steam provides the most reliable and efficient method of achieving effective sterilisation. It is a simple, fast and safe way to disinfect reusable equipment, but in order to be as effective as possible and reduce the potential risk of wet packs or extended sterilisation cycle times, a continuous supply of high-quality clean and dry steam is required. Angelo Giambrone, Business Development Manager answers your most asked questions related to steam quality in healthcare facilities.

What is the best way to sterilise surgical instruments in my hospital?
Steam sterilisation is commonly used to sterilise reusable equipment in hospitals because it’s a simple, fast, safe and highly effective way to kill bacteria and eliminate potential contamination risk, which is recognised and adopted by Healthcare facilities around the globe.

What type of steam should I use for sterilisation?
Effective steam sterilisation needs a continuous saturated steam supply. The quality of the steam required is detailed in BS EN 285, where three notable measurements are steam dryness, degree of superheat and level of Non-Condensable Gases (NCG).

How do I know if my steam quality is good enough?
Excess moisture in the steam can result in wet packs from the steriliser after a cycle.  This increases the risk of contamination. Inadequate consideration for NCGs and superheat can lead to ineffective sterilisation and batch failure. Particulates also have a detrimental effect, so an effective steam quality testing regime is important.

How can I improve my steam quality?
System design and layout are critical on both the plant and clean side to ensure that steam quality is maximised. The Health Technical Memorandum HTM 01-01 provides guidance, and makes reference to the ideal use of a clean steam generator, when there is plant steam on site. A clean steam generator produces steam free of any harmful substances, which is perfect for hospital sterilisation, where high quality is needed.

Does my process meet the latest standards in steam quality?
Our team of engineers are able to audit your installation, from the primary plant steam through to the clean steam side, ensuring best practice is used. Our Steam Quality Testing allows the standard of both the plant and the clean side to be assessed.

I want to find out more, what do I do?
If you are looking to identify savings, understand your steam quality and at the same time improve the efficiency of your steam system then an audit and steam quality test may be just what you need. For more information or support, please contact us at



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