Steam sterilisation in hospitals

FAQs on Clean Steam Solutions

Angelo Giambrone, Business Development Manager, 17/08/2020

Steam provides the most reliable and efficient method of achieving effective sterilisation. It is a simple, fast and safe way to disinfect reusable equipment, but in order to be as effective as possible and reduce the potential risk of wet packs or extended sterilisation cycle times, a continuous supply of high-quality clean and dry steam is required. Angelo Giambrone, Business Development Manager answers your most asked questions related to clean steam solutions in healthcare facilities.


Why do I need a clean steam generator?
If you’ve ever had an issue with wet packs or have extended drying times, it is worth looking into your steam quality. If you need to improve the ability of your steam supply to repeatedly achieve the quality standard set out in BS EN 285, then a dedicated clean steam generation plant is recommended. A clean steam generator (CSG) can supply ready to use high quality steam direct to your process and ensure compliance, under all operational conditions. A central clean steam generation plant allows you to take control of the quality of steam delivered to all your autoclaves.

How does a clean steam generator work?
The Spirax Sarco CSG-HS uses ordinary plant steam to indirectly heat high quality clean water, such as water produced via Reverse Osmosis.  This produces chemical free steam for the sterilisation process.  The design of the CSG allows it consistently deliver dry steam under widely fluctuating load conditions, as commonly found with autoclaves.

How do I control the clean steam generator?
All control functions are integrated into the system, allowing you to plug-and-play.  The clean steam generator’s simple interactive touch-screen display gives automated updates to show exactly what’s going on and ongoing management is simple with monitoring and remote diagnostics.

Is my site suitable for a CSG installation?
Factors such as plant steam supply pressures, number of autoclaves and plant operation all need to be considered in order to engineer the correct solution.  The modular design of the CSG-HS makes it simple to select and integrate into an existing site. Survey work is undertaken by our experienced engineers to assess suitability.

Would a clean steam generator talk to my existing building systems?
Spirax Sarco’s clean steam generators can communicate with most building automation systems using BACnet, Profibus and Modbus to provide you with full visibility.

How often will the clean steam generator need servicing?
Regular maintenance and checks will ensure the CSG-HS continually operates at peak performance.  Aside from the recommended daily operational checks, there are service recommendations that have 6, 12, 18 and 24 month intervals.  Spirax in-house Service Engineers are available to provide this service.

Do my on-site operators need training to look after a clean steam generator?
Spirax Sarco offer product familiarisation support for on-site engineers. Formal training courses are available in all aspects of steam either at our Cheltenham training facility or via remote communications.

I want to find out more, what do I do?
If you are looking to identify savings, understand your steam quality and at the same time improve the efficiency of your steam system then an audit and steam quality test may be just what you need. For more information or support, please contact us at


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