Q&A with Spirax Sarco's Rebecca Bowen, Project Manager and Natural Technology Lead

Rebecca Bowen, 26/08/2022


A quick introduction to Rebecca Bowen

How long have you been at Spirax?

I’ve been with the company for over two and a half years now, but I really feel part of the furniture. Everyone has been so welcoming and there’s a great support network in place.

What's your job role?

I am a Project Manager for our new decarbonised sustainable solutions and am involved in implementing these Projects with Global customers. The solutions we have today under our TargetZero range have all been ideated from our R&D department within Spirax, and I’m lucky to be leading the Project role out.

I also have taken the recent lead on Natural Technology, which is a brand agnostic marketing campaign looking to educate and advocate stakeholders on not only the benefits of steam, but also that steam can be part of a net-zero future.

What you were doing before you started your role at Spirax?

Prior to working at Spirax I was working in the Downstream Oil & Gas sector, from Sales to Business Development, and then leading the team on New Product Development in Marketing. I have a strong sales / Business Development and Marketing background, and utilised these skills to scope out and create new products through customer insight, as well as launch new innovative products to the market place. I was also representing the sector at a UK and European level on Future Fuels and worked with Government on policy and legislation changes.

Why did you choose to go into the field of engineering?

Engineering companies are continually innovating, whether it’s through regulation and compliance change, customer needs, or recognition that new value chains need to be built. I have always been a problem solver, and enjoy creativity and out the box thinking, working in this industry allows me to grow this skillset, and also develop many others. 

What does a typical day look like as a Project Manager for Spirax Sarco?

I can categorically say that no day is ever the same. As a Project manager implementing R&D projects with global customers and leading such a talented and diverse Project team, I do not get bored. I am regularly challenged, through either problem solving with the team, customer interaction, on site challenges… the list goes on. Being able to be flexible, adaptable and respond to change is an important part of this role.

What’s the best part of your job? 

Working with great people and leading change.

What would be your best piece of advice for other women who want to get into a STEM/Engineering profession?

Engineering already is enriched with such a diverse culture, there’s a great learning opportunity for anyone to progress in this industry. The development opportunities are there, just ensure you grab hold of them!

What is your favourite quote of all time, and why?

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” Manhatma Gandhi. A well-known quote but one of my favourites. I try and lead by example, and I always try and be kind. I’m not afraid to challenge the norm, and be different.