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Katie Nelson, 02/05/2023



Advance is your decarbonisation journey made easy…
You see steam; we see natural technology enabling sustainable futures. Through our brand new steam consulting service Advance, Spirax Sarco can give your business a clear forward vision, harnessing the power of steam while optimising productivity for naturally efficient and sustainable futures.

So, what exactly is Advance?

Spirax Sarco Advance delivers proven consulting, products and services so you benefit from the capabilities of this powerful medium while decarbonising and working towards net zero.

Advance is your gateway to tailored solutions that deliver twenty-first-century steam-powered operational efficiency, help you meet your sustainability targets and solve multiple business challenges.

Our Advance offering embraces Audit & Advisory, System Design and Engineered Products & Systems. We’re also confident with Project Support and Commissioning and Connected Solutions. For your peace of mind on the way to KPI achievement, for sustainability, efficiency and safety, we’ve got you covered.

If you’re looking to reduce energy usage, we can help. Just tell us your objectives and let Advance do the rest.

Whatever your key drivers, we can help you with the Advance Framework’s five consulting services.

1: Audit and Advisory

Our holistic approach embraces safety, process efficiency, energy savings, cost savings and decarbonised green thermal energy via electric generation and balancing to give you practical recommendations to reduce your scope 1, 2 and 3 carbon emission footprint. Your Advance audit profiles energy use as you follow your net zero roadmap on the journey to exemplary environmental performance.

Apply our experience and knowledge to your systems through the qualified energy, steam system and applications engineers who tailor each audit to your key drivers.

2: Design

It could be for steam in manufacturing, steam in processing, in conjunction with renewable thermal energy or for any other application of steam in industry. Whatever your industry, it’s exciting to know that one of our oldest technologies – steam – is now one of the key technologies focused on carbon reduction. And our design skills helps make it happen...

For your peace of mind when steam’s involved, industry leading-application engineers seamlessly integrate Spirax Sarco Target Zero solutions, equipment and packages with your infrastructure.

Sound design and flawless integration is key to the profitable future of steam generation and use in your organisation. If you need to reduce energy consumption, improve energy technology implementation or just get more out of your steam boiler, Spirax Sarco design skills are the answer.

This is the future of steam engineering. It’s a future where compliant solutions meet key driver and turn concepts into practical, profitable outcomes. As you would expect, every design solution follows best practice to give the most sustainable solution for your needs.

3: Engineered products and systems

Although we’re active in over 130 countries, a major part of Spirax Sarco’s manufacturing footprint is in the UK and Europe. Regardless of application or industry, if you need energy efficient off-the-shelf or customisable products and systems, we have you covered. Advance steam consulting is the starting point for harnessing this manufacturing expertise.

Our engineered products and systems consist of an extensive range of standardised and made-to-order packages and assemblies. We specialise in steam and condensate systems in organisations like yours.

4: Project Support and Commissioning

From achieving BREEAM accreditation to your state-of-the-art engineered steam system or enterprise-wide energy management improvement, we understand the importance of project support and commissioning.

When it comes to engineering with purpose, we all know that plant, processes and machinery are only part of the story. Without access to the cream of designers and engineers, even the simplest project will remain on the drawing board.

Smooth project delivery and handover - With Advance Project Support & Commissioning, Spirax Sarco will work with you and your team to ensure successful deployment. Do you need design, manufacture and installation of a single engineered component, or a fully-managed turnkey energy technology implementation project? Either way, our qualified, professionally-indemnified, engineers will ensure smooth project delivery and handover.

5: Connected Solutions

Designing and installing a superbly engineered steam and condensate system is only part of the story when it comes to developing your business, creating a sustainable future and meeting those all-important key performance indicators.

Get the most from your steam systems and processes - Whether you’re planning a future system, or fine-tuning existing processes with energy modelling on a steam system, Advance steam consulting surpasses mere engineering and installation of engineering solutions. We believe engineering with purpose extends to helping you get the most from your systems and processes. That means being able to feedback and learn from the day-to-day performance of your steam infrastructure.

To this end, we tailor our connected solutions to connect our products with your steam systems. The result? Delivery of continuous data insights and performance recommendations related to your key business drivers.


If you’re looking to reduce energy usage or hit your sustainability targets we can help. Just tell us your objectives and let Advance do the rest. Advance steam consulting isn’t just consulting, its steam consulting from Spirax Sarco. It’s what we’ve built our global reputation on since 1888. Find out more or get in touch with one of our team today:

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