5 ways to optimise your healthcare steam system

Spirax Sarco engineer working in steam plant

Angelo Giambrone, 14/01/2021


Whether it is ensuring that your critical services are working correctly, saving energy and reducing carbon emissions, or planning for future plant developments and modernisation, here are five ways you can optimise your healthcare steam system to help you to achieve your goals.


1 Measure and Save

The NHS Net Zero program calls for ‘continuous monitoring and evaluation’. For existing plants you can monitor your steam usage and target areas for improvement. Planning modifications? Steam metering allows you to plan accurately for plant upgrades and future system changes.

You’ll need:  A range of steam meters that are deliver accurate and reliable data.

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2 Sterilise Once

Steam is the preferred medium for sterilisation. By using the correct steam quality, you can achieve repeatable and consistent steriliser performance to:
→ improve patient safety
→ minimise infection risk
→ maximise the output from your decontamination facility

You’ll need: The latest innovation in clean steam generation, delivering steam to meet the requirements of EN 285.

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3 Return Condensate to the Boilerhouse

Are your condensate pumps working correctly? Is the overflow losing water? Condensate should be returned to the boilerhouse where possible, so it is important to ensure your systems are working effectively. Returning just an extra 4 litres of hot condensate every minute could save over £10,000 per year!

You’ll need: Modern, variable speed condensate return systems such as the Spirax Sarco Condensate Recovery Unit that can help to capture all your valuable condensate.

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4  Achieve Reliable Delivery of Hot Water, Instantaneously

The importance of hand washing has been emphasised now more than ever. Reliable delivery of hot water right across the hospital site is paramount. Instantaneous hot water systems remove the need for storage vessels and reduce the legionella risk.

You’ll need:  The EasiHeatTM Heat Exchange System.  Delivering instant hot water in healthcare, with over 2000 units currently operating in UK Hospitals, supported by Spirax Sarco’s After Sales Support Service.

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5 Carry out steam trap surveys

Ensuring your steam traps are working effectively should be a routine part of your steam system management. A correctly operating trap population saves energy, reduces emissions and keeps your steam system working efficiently. Simple to test and simple to rectify, a real quick win.

You’ll need:  Steam Trap Surveys to help identify savings and improve plant performance.

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