Service Contracts the easy way to achieve operational efficiency

Spirax Sarco engineer inspecting machinery


Running a steam business is a busy job full of deadlines and complexities and sometimes it can become difficult to stay on top of system upkeep. So how do plant managers make sure that their steam system operates at peak efficiency, even when it’s difficult to work out what needs doing and when? Iain Harper, Service Sales Manager UK and Ireland at Spirax Sarco explains:

Chances are, the most cost-effective way for plant managers to keep their steam system operating at its full potential, is to outsource some, or all, of the maintenance work. A service contract is a flexible way to make sure that a plant maintains peak operational efficiency, ensures equipment longevity and gives the customer peace of mind that all their equipment is safely maintained by dedicated engineers.

The freedom to choose

Whether old equipment has been replaced to update the plant, or a completely new system has been installed, having a service contract in place ensures that there exists the freedom to choose a level of support to match the needs and budget of the plant manager. What’s more, maintenance can take place on site to limit business downtime. This can fit around any plant shutdowns or planned maintenance.

Those who opt for a service contract will never have to commit to an agreement that provides services which don’t apply to them, as customers provide the details of what they want included in their own, bespoke agreement. Therefore, if a regular cleaning of the plate heat exchanger is needed without 24-hour priority response cover, plant managers can choose (and pay for) what they need, and nothing more.

Safe and sound

Things don’t always go to plan in the plant room or boilerhouse, but it certainly needn’t be a disaster if those unplanned issues do rear their heads from time-to-time. A service contract gives those who manage the steam plant priority over those without a contract in place, ensuring that they receive the support they need when it is most needed.

Imagine the prospect of an efficient plant that runs safely and efficiently, but also has a much lower risk of breakdown and costly downtime. That’s exactly what plant managers get when they have a service contract in place.

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