Produkter til rendamp

Our range of advanced clean steam solutions ideal for a sterile production environments.

AVM7 Stainless Steel Thermostatic Air Vent

The 316L stainless steel AVM7 is a maintainable thermostatic air vent for removing air and other non-condensable gases from clean steam systems. 

BT6-B Balanced Pressure Steam Trap

The BT6-B 316L stainless steel balanced pressure steam trap is specifically designed for hygienic applications including sterile barriers, CIP/SIP, automatic drainage of steam filter housings, sterilisers and autoclaves, bioreactor sterilisation trapping, and clean steam mains drainage.

BTM7 Stainless Steel Thermostatic Clean Steam Trap

The 316L stainless steel BTM7 is a maintainable thermostatic steam trap for removing condensate from clean steam systems.


Opnå høj dampkvalitet i dine processer med vores rendamp-generatorer (clean steam), som er fabrikssamlede og nemme at installere.

CS10 Stainless Steel Thermostatic Clean Steam Trap

Complying with the ASME BPE guide (2005 edition) standard, the CS10 Stainless Steel Clean Steam Separator removed entrained moisture from clean and pure steam systems.

CSF16 Steam Filter

The CSF16 steam filter is a horizontal in-line high efficiency filter used to remove contaminate particles from steam.

FTS14 Ball Float Steam Trap

The FTS14 is an austenitic stainless steel ball float trap with an integral automatic air vent suitable for use on steam systems up to 14 bar.

M70i og M80i sanitære kugleventiler

M70i (½" til 2") og M80i (2 1/2 - 4") er 316L kugleventiler i rustfrit stål af høj kvalitet, som er designet i overensstemmelse med ASME BPE specielt til sterile processer, hvor bakterier og mediekontaminering kan bringe produktkvalitet i fare. De sanitære kugleventiler er særligt velegnede til de strenge krav der stilles indenfor pharma, fødevarer og bioteknologi.

SRV66 Sanitary Pressure Reducing Valve

The SRV66 is a 316L stainless steel self-draining sanitary pressure regulating valve for use with steam, water and inert industrial gases.

STERITROL Clean Service Control Valve

The STERI-TROL is a pneumatically actuated 2-port angle pattern clean service control valve suitable for a wide range of applications in the pharmaceutical industry.

SVL488 Clean Service Safety Valve

The SVL488 is a high capacity stainless steel full-lift clean service safety valve designed to AD Merkblatt A2 and TRD 421 standard and suitable for pure steam, vapour and inert gases.

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