Clean Steam Generator

for Healthcare Sterilisation

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The CSG-HS is a clean steam generation system designed to guarantee steam quality under rapidly fluctuating load conditions that are typical of autoclave demand.

To get the very best from your decontamination process, steam should be dry and free from non-condensable gases (NCGs)*. Designed for maximum performance and reliability, the CSG-HS features an integral degasser that removes undesirable non-condensable gases (NCGs) from the feedwater and delivers good quality dry steam at all times.  

*as set out in BS EN 285:2015

Product features

  • Designed to exceed the requirements of EN285
  • Configurable options to suit individual requirements
  • Easy to maintain with minimal tools required
  • Intelligent PLC with Spirax Sarco developed SIMS technology

Technical illustration

CSG-HS: Clean Steam Generator System for Healthcare Sterilisation

Designed to guarantee steam quality in all dynamic load changes

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CSG-HS for your Central Sterile Services

The CSG-HS is designed for maximum performance and reliability – a steam supply you can count on without interruptions to your sterilisation processes

Unlike alternative steam solutions, the CSG-HS can be housed externally from your main Sterile Services Department. This means when routine maintenance is required, you can do it without entering the sterile environment – so less risk of contamination and less interruption to your sterilisation processes.

CSG Healthcare sterilisation floorplan

Product range


CSG - HS - 020

nominal production capacity 233 kg/h (513 lbs/hr)*

CSG - HS - 055

nominal production capacity 620 kg/h (1366 lbs/hr)*

CSG - HS - 125

nominal production capacity 1384 kg/h (3051 lbs/hr)*

CSG - HS - 180

nominal production capacity 2016 kg/h (4444 lbs/hr)*

(*) max steam production at reference operating conditions: primary steam at 9 bar g (130.5 psi g), production at 4 bar g (58 psi g), feed water at 20 °C (68 °F).

Design Conditions

Primary side Design pressure    13 bar g
(188 psi g)
 For a bespoke design contact Spirax Sarco
Design temperature   195.1 °C
(383 °F)
Secondary side
Design pressure
  8 bar g
(116 psi g)
Design temperature
  195.1 °C
(383 °F)
Safety valve set pressure
  7 bar g
(101.5 psi g)
Design pressure
  8 bar g
(116 psi g)
Design temperature
without pump 
110 °C
(230 °F)
with pump 100 °C
(212 °F)

Maximum operating conditions

Without pump With pump 

Minimum ambient temperature: 0 °C
Designed for indoor installation only, protect from freezing.


Clean saturated steam, up to 6 bar g/165.0 °C
(Clean saturated steam, up to 97 psi g/206 °F)

Primary side 

 Plant steam, up to 12 bar g/191.7 °C
(Plant steam, up to 174 psi g/345 °F)

Feedwater  P min. ≥ P clean steam + 0.5 bar g
(P min. ≥ P clean steam + 7.2 psi g)
 Net positive suction head required
(see IM)
 P max 8 bar g/T max 110 °C
(P max 116 psi g/T max 230 °F)

 P max 8 bar g/T max 80 °C
(P max 116 psi g/T max 176 °F)

Note: Feedwater is recommended to be demineralised or Reverse Osmosis quality to ensure high performance.

Technical Documentation


CSG-HS Clean steam generation system for Healthcare



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Installation Documentation


CSG-HS Clean Steam Generation System



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