What?! Steam can improve biomass?! You bet it can!

Spirax Sarco Accumulator

Angelo Giambrone, Business Development Manager, 06/02/2018

Are you looking into what biomass can do for you? Whether upgrading your existing system or replacing it with something brand new, perhaps you would be willing to go a step further and discover how using steam can help you save even more money whilst exercising your environmental awareness.

What steam can do for you

As you know, biomass typically works by burning renewables or industrial waste to generate heat. Where then does steam come in? Well, by using biomass to create steam, rather than hot water, we can un-tap a great added benefit.

In a nutshell, the steam you create can be used to drive a small turbine, generating electrical power for you to use! With high grid costs and an ever increasing electrical demand, this power generation gives you a further step up the green ladder!

The steam is then used to produce hot water which provides you with the heat, as originally intended.

Summing up the benefits

This all serves to cut your energy bills and increase the energy efficiency of your plant. What’s more, with many governments becoming increasingly energy conscious, initiatives such as the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) have been created, which are designed to encourage meaningful efforts to have biomass contribute to your energy requirements.

But again, what is steam’s role in this? Well since the steam is generating electrical power from biomass, it can allow you to increase the amount you could receive from your RHI quarterly payment by up to 100%!

This, then, is the beautiful partnership that is steam and biomass. With so many positives, financially and environmentally, this may now be the right time to consider this new opportunity.


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