How lasting relationships can deliver exceptional results

Spirax Sarco engineer working in a sugar refinery

Rebecca Berry, Proactive Sales Coordinator, 29/06/2018


11 years is a long time in anyone’s book, isn’t it? Cast your mind back that long ago and you might just remember the ‘new’ Wembley stadium being completed or Gordon Brown becoming Prime Minister. We also had one of the wettest summers on record – I guess some things never change!

You could argue that change is good, but I’m a firm believer in stability. Time and experience go hand-in-hand and you can’t underestimate that – which brings me back to the significance of 2007.

I’ve always seen the value in a long-lasting relationship – in my personal life and in business. In fact, I can give you a great example of a partnership I’ve had with Ragus Pure Sugars that started 11 years ago.

We’ve certainly achieved a lot during our time together. Ragus Pure Sugar is completely aligned to our values at Spirax Sarco and perhaps this is one of the reasons we work so well together. The company invests in processes and technology that help to reduce its impact on the environment, and with a strong commitment to sustainability, it sets out to cut carbon emissions year on year.

Up to the challenge

It’s safe to say this was no mean feat. For a company that relies heavily on its process equipment, it would take a team effort to not only meet, but exceed the ambitious targets that had been set.

Since joining forces, we have been able to enhance the efficiency of its boilerhouse and steam distribution network with our service and maintenance programme.  In just over a decade, the team at Ragus Pure Sugars have achieved much greater control over their energy with the Supervisory Control System and have achieved significant costs savings, improved efficiency levels and site safety too. Not bad for a business which has never listed steam as an area of expertise!

Our partnership with Ragus Pure Sugars is a great example of what can be achieved in the years we have worked together.

Some might say that “change is as good as a rest” but for me, stability is king, Just ask the Ragus Pure Sugars team!


Rebecca Berry, Proactive Sales Coordinator

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