Leading the Decarbonisation Journey in the Healthcare Sector

Spirax Sarco's TargetZero Solutions at Healthcare Estates 2023

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At Spirax Sarco, we are thrilled to be participating in this year's Healthcare Estates event, where we are taking a key role in driving the healthcare industry's decarbonisation journey. As a renowned leader in steam systems, we firmly believe that sustainable steam generation is critical to achieving decarbonisation.

Healthcare facilities face a pressing need to achieve sustainability goals and reduce carbon footprint. Harnessing our expertise through our “Advance Steam Consulting” framework, Spirax Sarco is uniquely positioned to support you on your path to a greener future.   

Efficient energy management while also lowering water and chemical usage is an area where Spirax Sarco excels. Our expertise allows us to optimise thermal energy supply and demand, helping healthcare facilities cut operational costs and improve overall energy efficiency. By leveraging our solutions, your facility can optimise the use of public funds while reducing environmental impact.

We are proud to introduce our innovative TargetZero solutions designed to electrify on-site gas-fired boilers and eliminate scope 1 emissions, whilst retaining the advantages, performance and reliability of steam.  

At Spirax Sarco, we see Healthcare Estates as an exciting opportunity to showcase our dedication to the healthcare sector's decarbonisation journey. By working together, we can transform steam use into a powerful force for sustainability, embracing innovation and responsibility for greener, cleaner, and safer healthcare facilities. Join the Spirax team on stand B38 at Healthcare Estates to explore our new-to-world TargetZero solutions and take a bold step towards a sustainable future. Together, let's lead the decarbonisation revolution in the healthcare sector.  

To engineer a more efficient, safer and sustainable world you need the right steam and thermal energy partner. Whatever your key drivers, Spirax Sarco have you covered. Find out more at sxscom.uk/advance