Boiler Plant Regulations and Guidelines

Course Details

  • Course Code: D8
  • Course Duration: 1 Day
  • Course Fee: £550 (+VAT)

Who is it for?

Anyone seeking an understanding of the regulations and guidelines relating to steam and steam boiler plant. 

What is it about

This course provides a broad overview of legislation, guidance and best practice within the wet side of the boiler and in steam systems to help users understand what is expected of them.

Our Trainers, Mike Maslanka and Tom Suwart talk you through what you can expect from the training course.

Course objectives

  • By the end of the course delegates will be able to:

  • Understand the uses and benefits of steam 

  • Understand pressure and temperature of steam

  • Appreciate general steam system safety 

  • Have an overview of Pressure System/Pressure Equipment requirements

  • Know the selected Standards – boilers and water treatment

  • Understand the requirements of BG01 ('Guidance on Safe Operation of Steam Boilers') - replacing PM5 and PSG2 - and HSE INDG436 ('Safe Management of Industrial Steam and Hot Water Boilers')

  • Appreciate the importance of risk assessment, competence, training and supervision

  • See Steam Boiler Plant Fundamentals course (D6) for training in boiler operation or BOAS (D6A) for national accreditation in the operation or management of boilers.




This course starts at 9:00am and finishes at 4:30pm.


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