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The definitive guide to using a clean steam process in your food and beverage plant

Who's the white paper for?

If you’re using steam in your food and drink manufacturing process then this paper is for you. Quality or production engineers in the world of food and drink will find this paper a definitive guide to using a clean steam process in the food and beverage plant.

Find out why the food and drink industry needs to switch to a clean steam alternative to filtered ‘food grade’ steam, and how you can get ahead of the curve.

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What's in the paper?

This free guide was written by Spirax Sarco Clean Steam Specialist Francisco Pedrosa. It includes insights into the difference between filtered steam or culinary steam, and its clean steam alternative. It also details the risks many businesses leave themselves open to through their failure to use clean steam. You’ll find out how applying the HACCP management principles can improve your food quality and consistency, and food safety risks can be further reduced.

You'll Learn

✔ How to go about introducing a clean steam process.

✔ The pitfalls of not having a clean steam process in place.

✔ What a clean steam process should look like.

✔ Eight operational advantages of using steam in direct contact with your process.

✔ The importance of including steam within a HACCP management system.

✔ The role clean steam can play in preventing food safety problems.

“By understanding the pitfalls of not having a clean steam process in place, what a clean steam process should look like, and the advantages it can deliver, food and beverage companies should soon be making sure clean steam sits at the very top of any ingredients list.”

Francisco Pedrosa, Clean Steam Specialist

About the Author - Francisco Pedrosa
Clean Steam Specialist Francisco Pedrosa has a passion for clean steam. He has extensive experience of working with clean steam gathered from both his career at Spirax Sarco but also his time spent working in the food and drink industry. Francisco is on a mission to help food & beverage engineers and production operators understand the advantages of switching to a clean steam process, in order to create a highly efficient, highly safe system that produces consistently high quality consumer products. 

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