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The decarbonisation of steam generation and steam distribution for critical steam users

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Decarbonisation of steam generation guide


This was the message on the front cover of the 2020 Spirax Sarco Engineering Annual Report. Three words that truly embody the results Spirax Sarco have been helping steam users achieve for decades. Of course one of these words is becoming especially prominent in all of our thoughts and many of our actions - ‘sustainability’. It’s a multi-faceted topic, which now touches almost every aspect of our lives and presents opportunities and challenges we must all work together to embrace. So where and how does steam engineering fit with this, and how can Spirax Sarco help you

Consultant Specialist, Stephen Bishop provides insight into what can be done today to optimise your steam system and what the future holds for healthcare estates

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Sustainable Steam Generation has a vital role to play in delivering tomorrow's thermal energy needs across healthcare and industry. I'm truly excited at the technologies that are becoming available to help achieve this and the role that we at Spirax Sarco are playing in developing these. There are however many things that we can all do today in order to take some meaningful steps on that journey towards our own Net Zero goals. I hope that this guide will offer some useful insight, promote some thoughts and ideas and illustrate how Spirax Sarco are well-placed to take that journey in partnership with you.
Steve Bishop is a Consultant Specialist for Spirax Sarco UK & Ireland, with many years’ experience of a variety of general industrial and steam-using processes, including manufacturing experience across a variety of industries.

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