Five ways to boost boilerhouse efficiency

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The boiler house is the driving force at the heart of your steam system. It delivers the right amount of energy to your process, exactly when needed.

We've looked at key technologies to improve steam generation efficiency, implementing technologies that cut energy consumption and lower emissions. Many of these systems can also help to boost productivity, cut maintenance workloads and improve system safety.

We've created an infographic to highlight the best investments and potential benefits of using your real-time operational data to benchmark boiler house efficiency and analyse its running costs. We use advanced modelling tools to pinpoint areas with the greatest savings potential and recommend ways to reduce fuel consumption, carbon emissions, water use, effluent charges and the cost of water treatment chemicals. 

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About the Author - Chris Coleman
Boilerhouse Specialist Chris Coleman has spent his career working in the steam industry for the better part of 30 years. Chris brings his steam system experience and understanding of condensate to help in his commitment to support Spirax Sarco’s customers in creating highly efficient, highly safe systems that produce consistently high quality consumer products and services.


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