BT6-B Balanced Pressure Steam Trap

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Benefits of BT6-B Balanced Pressure Steam Trap


Reduce Contamination Risk

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Reduce Maintenance Costs

Robust Design

Operational excellence

Improve Operational Efficiency

Overview of BT6-B Balanced Pressure Steam Trap

The BT6-B 316L stainless steel balanced pressure steam trap is specifically designed for hygienic applications including sterile barriers, CIP/SIP, automatic drainage of steam filter housings, sterilisers and autoclaves, bioreactor sterilisation trapping, and clean steam mains drainage.

Element is designed to open with a minimum of sub-cooling, typically less than 2 °C from steam saturation temperature at 50mm above the trap thus ensuring a rapid response and reduction in cooling leg.

The body is crevice free, self draining and available with a surface finish of up to 0.4 µm (16 micro-inch Ra).

A high capacity version is available for high condensate loads or where CIP/SIP fluids are used.

BT6-B Steam Trap - How It Works

Technical Documentation


BT6-B Sanitary Balanced Pressure Thermostatic Steam Trap



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Installation Documentation

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BT6HC Hygienic Sanitary Balanced Pressure Steam Trap for High Capacity and CIP/SIP Applications English IM-P180-12 Download PDF
Sanitary Balanced Pressure BT6-B Thermostatic Steam Trap English IM-P180-31 Download PDF

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