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The high integrity A3S bellows sealed valve is suitable for use under higher pressure steam, gas, and liquid applications as it is designed to ASME Class 800.

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A3S and A3SS Bellows Sealed Stop Valve

A screwed and socket weld bellows sealed, in-line stop valve for use on steam, gas, liquid, condensate and water systems.

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Sizes and pipe connection

½", ¾", 1", 1¼", 1½" and 2"

Screwed BSP (BS 21 parallel), NPT

Socket weld to BS 3799 /ANSI B 16.11

Pressure / temperature limits (Class 800)

Body design conditions 

Class 800
PMA Maximum allowable pressure  136 bar g
TMA Maximum allowable temperature 425°C
Minimum allowable temperature  -29°C
PMO Maximum operating pressure  99 bar g @ 360°C
Maximum operating pressure for extended bellows life 40 bar g @ 400°C
TMO  Maximum operating temperature  425°C
Maximum operating temperature for extended bellows life 400°C @ 40 bar g
Minimum operating temperature  -29°C
Without the bellows fitted the unit is designed for a maximum cold hydraulic test pressure of:  212 bar g

Tekninen dokumentaatio

Dokumentit Kieli Referenssinumero Lataa
A3S and A3SS Bellows Sealed Stop Valves English TI-P132-09 Lataa PDF
A3S paljetiivistetty sulkuventtiili Finnish TI-P132-09 Lataa PDF

Asennus- ja huolto-ohje

Dokumentit Kieli Referenssinumero Lataa
A3S Bellows Sealed Stop Valve English IM-P132-11 Lataa PDF
A3S paljetiivistetty sulkuventtiilli Finnish IM-P132-11 Lataa PDF

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