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Contact your local steam experts

Your local team are here to help you keep your steam system up and running.

You can count on us

We are here to provide you with support. You can count on Spirax Sarco for advice, support and expertise. Our manufacturing plants are open, our warehouses are stocked and our teams are working hard to ensure we can continue supply of the essential products and services that you need.

Here when you need us the most

  • We are available to visit you onsite - all Spirax Sarco personnel will wear full safety and respiratory protective equipment.

  • Remote support - if you need to talk to a steam expert, we can provide support on the telephone and video call.

  • Need access to critical spares - one of our steam experts can help you identify the critical components you need to keep your steam system up and running.

​Please note we assume that the information to be furnished by you will be your business information and not your personal information. Privacy Policy

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Our Team

Jouni Alenius

Myynti / Luoteis-Suomi

Juha Kettunen

Myynti / Itä-Suomi

Iikka Kiilunen

Myynti / Länsi-Suomi

Riku Montonen

Myynti / Laitevalmistajat OEM vanhempainvapaalla 15.12.2022 asti

Jorma Paljakka

Myynti / Etelä-Suomi

Jouni Vainio

Myynti / Myyntipäällikkö

Esa Haapalaakso

Energiapalvelut / Huoltopäällikkö

Juha Leppimaa

Energiapalvelut / Huoltoasentaja vanhempainvapaalla 31.7.2023 asti

Juha Leppävuori

Energiapalvelut / Huoltokoordinaattori

Jouni Hautala

Tekninen Tuki / Senior Technical Support Specialist

Markku Sairanen

Energiapalvelut / Huoltoteknikko

Pia Heikkinen

Tekninen Tuki / Tekninen Sisämyynti

Johanna Takanen

Tekninen Tuki / Tekninen Sisämyynti / Team Leader

Inka Mäkinen

Nordic Operations Manager

Elias Kantonen


Jaakko Kylliäinen

Varasto / Varastopäällikkö

Kari Koskinen

Talous / Talouspäällikkö

Tiina Vuorisalo

Talous / Controller