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Case Study

The Sanmartin Group

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Sanmartin Group

Collaborative work delivers sustainable solutions and increased customer satisfaction

The Sanmartin Group started 72 years ago in Argentina and also has factories in Brazil and Mexico. Today it is the largest manufacturer of equipment for the beverage industry in Latin America, whose main products are bottle washers, tunnel pasteurizers, end-of-line equipment and complete packaging lines project management.

Companies are part of an eco-system that today, more than ever, needs to be connected. Increasingly competitive environments mean that customers demand flexible, agile manufacturing that delivers reliable, technically advanced solutions; something which Sanmartin specializes in.

Working Together for Customer Satisfaction

In recent years, great advances have occurred between Spirax Sarco and Sanmartin Argentina through the practice of collaborative work, supporting services and the design of steam and condensate systems to achieve maximum equipment performance. As strategic partners, we share the same objective of developing and delivering optimised systems to end customers, providing bespoke, non-standard technical solutions to address their specific needs.

Helping Customers to Achieve their Objectives

This has resulted in final customers obtaining better quality processes and meeting their sustainability goals with greater efficiency in the use of resources such as water and electricity. This has enabled the achievement of important production quality results in addition to environmental and social responsibility benefits. It has also reduced the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of solutions, benefitting all stakeholders.

By working together in a strong long term relationship we will foster continuous improvement which will give rise to further opportunities globally for both companies.

We were impressed by Spirax Sarco’s fast response and the quality of their technical solution. It is reassuring to know that they can give us the same expert technical support globally. We have faith in Spirax Sarco and their products and we are proud to have them as a Strategic Partner
César Manuel Sanmartin -Executive director - Sanmartin Argentina

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