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Spirax Sarco and Alfa Laval global partnership agreement

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Chris Rowlands, Head of Sector & Portfolio Development, 04/10/2022

Spirax Sarco and Alfa Laval global partnership agreement

Spirax Sarco is pleased to announce a renewed global agreement with Alfa Laval, a valuable and reliable partner for over 20 years.

Alfa Laval is the world leader in heat transfer technologies, with an exceptionally broad product range and global presence.

Spirax Sarco’s longstanding collaboration with Alfa Laval is based upon our shared intent to innovate for the future, supporting our purpose of creating sustainable value for all of our stakeholders as we engineer a more efficient, safer and sustainable world. 

Alfa Laval is our first-choice global partner for plate heat transfer solutions. Spirax Sarco offers a wide range of thermal energy solutions for hot water, heating systems and clean steam generation. Our packages are designed to incorporate heat transfer technology provided by Alfa Laval, because their offer is market leading. The reliable, enduring performance of Alfa Laval technology is backed up by specialist support and global coverage.

We share the same sustainability goals, and we are determined to make a positive difference on our path to a more sustainable future. This is why both Spirax Sarco and Alfa Laval have progressive sustainability strategies, embedded in our own operations and in the solutions and support we give our customers. Key to this is a focus on maximising efficiency and reducing waste, which often results in carbon reduction, or even elimination. 

Spirax Sarco is confident that with this newly confirmed partnership, both businesses are in a great position to continue to deliver the expertise, solutions and sustainability initiatives to the industries that we serve on the journey to net zero.

The future looks very bright, for all of us.

Spirax Sarco and Alfa Laval agreement

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