The unsung hero of boilerhouse efficiency

How condensate recovery can be a real game-changer in energy and facilities management


Find out how you can utilise condensate recovery to drive down costs, make your company more productive and improve your company’s environmental and public profile.

 What's in the whitepaper?

Spirax Sarco’s Boilerhouse National Specialist, Chris Coleman, has devised this complimentary guide to help you understand the benefits of condensate recovery including how it can help you save money and streamline productivity. This white paper provides an explanation of condensate and will tell you why and how it should be managed. You will also find out how condensate is recovered and how this will help you reduce costs and raise your company’s environmental profile.

“Good condensate management is cost-effective and generally straight-forward to achieve.” 

Who is the whitepaper for?

Anyone who uses a condensate return system.

Chris Coleman, Boilerhouse National Specialist Boilerhouse Specialist
Chris Coleman has spent his career working in the steam industry for the better part of 30 years. Chris brings his steam system experience and understanding of condensate to help in his commitment to support Spirax Sarco’s customers in creating highly efficient, highly safe systems that produce consistently high quality consumer products and services.

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