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Spira-trol Control Valve Installation

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There’s a golden rule to follow when sourcing a control valve - don’t buy on the valve’s initial cost, look instead at the hidden lifetime costs. To help you with this process, we've developed a Control Valve Buyers Guide, which pinpoints 12 key questions you need to ask when sourcing a valve that will offer long-term value and reduce total cost of ownership (TCO).

Accurate temperature and pressure control are at the heart of most industrial processes and applications. Indeed, major processing sites can have control valve populations running into the thousands so keeping valve costs under control is vital. This is best done by sourcing valves with the lowest life cycle cost, rather than choosing the cheapest. Shutting down a process to replace a failed, poor quality valve can far outweigh any capital costs saved at the time of purchase.

To find out more, download our interactive control valve buyers guide which will help you score different control valves in order to find the one with the lowest TCO for your application. 

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