Implementing effective processes for identifying, monitoring and improving energy consumption in plant can be complicated and time consuming. We work with your energy management team to ensure you take a proven approach to reducing consumption and improving all aspects of energy performance. 

The aim is to deliver sustainable and quantifiable thermal energy solutions that reduce fuel consumption and meet ever changing legal requirements. 

Our key tips:

  • Efficient steam production
  • Manage your energy
  • Control your energy
  • Visualise your consumption
  • Recover and transfer your energy

1. Efficient steam production

Ensuring your processes and applications are tuned to supply the necessary steam the moment it is required, at the lowest possible cost is important to avoid unnecessary fuel consumption. This starts in the boiler house.

2. Manage your energy

You can optimise your energy transfer by ensuring your steam is clean, dry and conditioned for use in your processes.

Where possible returning energy, in the form of hot condensate, to the boiler house to improve efficiency.

3. Control your energy

Carefully controlling your steam so you have safe, accurate and efficient delivery of energy where it is demanded, minimises on going spend by reducing fuel, water and treatment costs.

4. Visualise your consumption

Accurate metering allows you to gather hard data to identify and drive necessary improvements for investment, whilst also quantifying payback.

5. Recover and transfer your energy

The efficient recovery and transfer of heat energy from various processes and applications helps you to minimise waste, ensuring your system is exploiting all available thermal saving opportunities.

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