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Our bellows sealed isolation valves are engineered to maintain plant safety and save energy by totally eliminating stem seal leaks. 

Zero emissions are guaranteed which ensures our BSA valves meet the most stringent worldwide emissions legislation.

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BSA3BD Bellows Sealed Stop Valves

A range of sealed, in-line stop valves having tri-ply bellows as standard throughout the range. These valves have been designed for use on steam, gas, liquid, thermal oils, condensate and water systems.

The BSA3BD is fitted with a flat, balanced pressure plug as standard. 

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Technical Information

Sizes and pipe connection

Pressure / temperature limits - EN 1092 and EN 12516-1

DN200, DN250, DN300, DN350 and DN400

EN 1092 and EN 12516-1 PN16, PN25 and PN40




Body Cast Steel 1.0619+N
Bonnet Cast Steel 1.0619+N
Seat A105 and Stellite


Disc Stainless steel
DIN 17440 X30 Cr13 and Stellite
Bellows Stainless steel
DIN 17440 X6 Cr Ni Ti 1810
Stem Stainless steel
AISI 420
Bonnet nut Steel
ASTM A194 2H
Bonnet stud Steel ASTM A193 B7
Body / bonnet gasket Graphite laminated with stainless steel insert  
Handwheel  Carbon steel  DN200 and DN250
  Cast iron  DN300 to DN400
Strap Stainless steel  ASTM A276 304
Self-locking nut Stainless steel  
Balance plug Stainless steel  

DIN 17440 x 30 Cr13 and Stellite

Locking washer ASTM A276 304  
Stem packing Graphite  

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BSA3-BD and BSA6-BD Bellows Sealed Stop Valves



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Biztonsági tudnivalók Hungarian IM-F32-01 Download PDF
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BSA3-BD and BSA6-BD Bellows Sealed Stop Valves English IM-P184-19 Download PDF

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