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Flowmeters for the ultimate in accuracy, reliability and versatility. Suitable for steam, most liquids and gases.

Electromagnetic Flowmeters

Our ELM (electromagnetic) flowmeter allows users to accurately measure and monitor the flow rate of electrically conductive liquids such as impure water, pulps and pastes.

Komputerek, kijelzők és jeladók

We offer a wide selection of computers, displays & transmitters to suit your application.

Gilflo áramlásmérők

Változó áramlási keresztmetszetű, nagy átfogású, rugóterheléses közeg áramlásmérők.

Mérőperemes áramlásmérők

Orifice plates are the most widely used type of flowmeter  with significant cost benefits especially in larger line sizes.

Torlóelemes gőzmérők

Our range of target flowmeters provide reliable, accurate point of use steam metering.

Turbinalapátos áramlásmérők

Turbine flowmeters deliver volumetric, mass and energy flow monitoring of gas, liquid or steam. It’s suitable for hot tapping, which means it can be installed and maintained under full flow conditions, without shutdown.

Ultrahangos áramlásmérők

Az ultrahangos közegáramlásmérők folyadékok mennyiségmérésére alkalmas.

Vortex áramlásmérők

The innovative Spirax Sarco vortex flowmeter achieves energy and carbon savings, helping plant managers and operators meet cost and environmental targets.

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