Steam Traps

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Removing condensate and air from your system is essential. Returning condensate to the boiler house maximizes use of energy. We have the right steam trap for your application and the people to advise you.

Balanced Pressure Steam Traps

Balanced pressure thermostatic steam traps adjust automatically to varying steam pressures.

Bimetallic Steam Traps

Bimetallic steam traps can conserve energy by discharging sub-cooled condensate in those applications which utilize sensible heat.

Fault Detection

Our solutions for effective steam trap management.

Float and Thermostatic Steam Traps

Extremely versatile traps that work efficiently on both light and heavy condensate loads.

Inverted Bucket Steam Traps

Inverted bucket traps are the most robust type of the mechanical traps.

Liquid Expansion Steam Traps

The liquid expansion steam trap employs a liquid expansion device to discharge condensate at a predefined temperature.


The modern method of manifolding is to purchase the manifold as a standard piece of equipment just like buying a steam trap.

Sealed Steam Traps

Replacement sealed traps utilize a non-remakeable joint, eliminating the risk of leaks to atmosphere.

Swivel Connectors and Traps

Our range of connectors significantly reduce installation time, cuts costs dramatically, and eliminate system leaks.

Thermodynamic Steam Traps

Thermodynamic steam traps combine reliability, simplicity and efficiency of operation.

Webinar Recording: How the Correct Steam Trap Can Improve Process, Safety and Efficiency

Gain instant access to this recorded webinar and learn how selecting the right steam trap for your application could have a significant, positive impact on your process, potentially improving efficiency, reducing energy costs, and giving you a safer working environment.


We'll help you find the correct solution for your needs.