Low Carbon Fuel Production

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Transforming industry with Low Carbon Fuels

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Be more productive

Fueling the energy transition

Low carbon energy producers like you are transforming the way industrial processes are powered. Your customers are relying on you to help decarbonise their energy-intensive manufacturing processes and power their company’s energy transition plans. 

As a clean energy producer, you’re helping customers accelerate their sustainability agendas, as well as meeting your own net-zero production commitments. To stay ahead of your competitors and continue to meet customer’s evolving needs you’re probably investing more in cleaner fuel production than ever before, but could your production process be more efficient? 

Being at the front-end of the transition means that production process integration is still advancing, leaving opportunities for increased efficiency around heat integration.

Steam in low carbon fuel production

Steam is an essential and versatile component in low carbon fuel production.  It enables the efficient conversion of biomass, waste, and other renewable resources into clean energy, helping reduce carbon emissions and support sustainability. As a powerful, natural technology steam is an easily scalable and versatile energy source. In the future, steam will be generated in a carbon-free way so that you can continue to benefit from its power, while decarbonising your production processes.

Energy efficiency is more important than ever

Your own energy efficiency, as a low carbon fuel producer, is critical to your success. Optimised steam systems can help you improve process efficiency and increase productivity.

Spirax Sarco can help support your vital role in the response to the global climate crisis by accelerating your own energy efficiency gains in your production process and helping avoid costly outages. We can help solve your energy production challenges and improve reliability in the following applications:

  • Tracing
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Turbines
  • Storage Tanks & Farms
  • Carbon Capture & Utilisation (CCU)
  • Hydrogen Process Water Heat Recovery

We also offer a range of energy surveys, steam system audits and training to boost your energy efficiency and improve productivity in your process.

Perfect partner to help you scale up your low carbon production

Spirax Sarco is a world leader in steam systems. Customers across our Group saved around 96.1 million m3 of water and 18.2 million tons of CO2 from products sold in 2021. Whether you’re working on a new project or an existing liquid biofuels or hydrogen fuel production plant, we have extensive experience and process application knowledge in the energy sector. Our engineers have expertise in best-practice steam generation, distribution, and condensate recovery for your process. You’ll have access to reliable technical support, servicing, and training too. 

Helping you to meet low carbon fuel demand

Together we can all build a more resilient and sustainable energy ecosystem and decarbonise the world, one plant at a time.

If you would like to learn more about how we can help improve efficiency and reliability in your low carbon fuel production, talk to one of our energy specialists today. 


We'll help you find the correct solution for your needs.