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Steam is often the heat source of choice for large institutions such as college or university campus’, hospitals, residential buildings or offices due to its efficiency, controllability and high heat carry capacity. Steam offers a versatile energy source for heating and domestic water supply which can be used in a variety of institutions applications, including:

Space conditioning
Hot water heating
Sterilization of hospitals medical equipment
Dining services
Pool heating

Spirax Sarco offers a range of solutions for the generation, transportation, monitoring, management and recovery of steam and condensate to ensure maximum fuel efficiency and minimal water consumption. Institutions often require steam production for 365 days a year. Any break in supply often incurs significant inconvenience for patrons of the building.

Our highly knowledgeable steam experts will highlight weak points in your building's system, offering cost-effective solutions to mitigate any potential risk of disruption to supply. Our high-quality solutions will ensure minimal downtime for installation and maintenance to ensure your steam supply is consistently and efficiently delivering steam to the point of use.

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