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Swivel Connectors and Traps Overview

Traditional steam trapping assemblies require many joints between the traps and isolation valves which are potential leak paths.

Our range of connectors significantly reduces installation time, cuts cost dramatically, and eliminates system leaks.

Spirax Sarco Steam Trapping Station STS 17 2

Product Brochure

document language reference number download
Applications Overview for the steam and condensate loop English SPB-1025-US Download PDF
PC3000 and PC4000 Pipeline Connectors English STR1031-US Download PDF
Product Overview English SPB1027-US Download PDF
Steam Trapping Overview English SPB1009-US Download PDF

Technical Documentation

document language reference number download
IPC20 and IPC21 Pipeline Connectors with Integral Spiratec Sensors (Requires Universal Trap of choice) English TI-P128-17-US Download PDF
PC3001, PC3000 and PC30 Pipeline Connectors English TI-P128-34-US Download PDF
PC4000 and PC4001 Pipeline Connectors English TI-P128-33-US Download PDF
STS17.2 Stainless Steel Compact Pipeline Connector Steam Trapping Station English TI-P128-22-US Download PDF
UBP32 Balanced Pressure Thermostatic Steam Trap English TI-2-008-US Download PDF
UTD52L Series Bar Stock Universal Thermodynamic Steam Trap (for use with Universal Connector) English TI-P614-04-US Download PDF

Installation Documentation

document language reference number download
Blind Flange for Hydrostatic Testing of Universal Pipeline Connectors English IM-P229-01-US Download PDF
IPC 20 and IPC 21 Pipeline Connectors English IM-P128-11-US Download PDF
PC3000/PC3001 and PC4000/PC4001 English IM-P128-35-US Download PDF
Sealed Stainless Steel Ball Float Steam Traps for use with Pipeline Connectors English IM-P712-03 Download PDF
Steel Liquid Drain Trap 3" (DN80) 4" (DN100) FA450 English IM-7-3151-US Download PDF
STS17.2 Stainelss Steel Compact Pipeline Connector Steam Trapping Station English IM-P128-23-US Download PDF


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