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Create a safe and silent environment when discharging to atmosphere, essential for Health and Safety compliance.

Designed to be fitted to the outlet of a steam trap, air trap or valve discharging to atmosphere.

Reduces the problem of noise (a reduction of 80% of sound pressure level at 1 meter).

Reduce erosion by cushioning high velocity discharge. Meet factory noise level legislation.

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Technical Documentation

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DF1 Diffuser English TI-P155-02 Download PDF
DF2 Diffuser English TI-P155-06 Download PDF
DF2 Diffusör Finnish TI-P155-06 Download PDF
Ljuddämpare/diffuser Finnish TI-P155-02 Download PDF

Installation Documentation

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DF1 and DF2 Diffusers English IM-P155-07 Download PDF
DF1 ja DF2 äänenvaimentimet Finnish IM-P155-07 Download PDF

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