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Benefits of Desuperheaters

Operational excellence

Improve Operational Efficiency

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Reduce Maintenance Time

Overview of Desuperheaters

The Spirax Sarco desuperheater range offers an efficient solution for the transfer of thermal energy in a range of applications.

Spirax Sarco desuperheaters provide the answer when the precise control and reduction of superheated steam temperature is required.

Our engineers are able to design the correct desuperheater for your application, ensuring a perfect fit for a wide range of industries including combined heat and power, oil and petrochemical and pharmaceutical.

Desuperheater range provides turndown from 3:1 to 50:1. 

Spray type, venture and steam atomising desuperheaters cover a variety of atomisation requirements. 

Increase process efficiency – waste and residual heat can be recovered and recycled. 

No moving parts – virtually maintenance free.




Desuperheating solutions



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