The new CSG for Healthcare has been specifically designed to deliver high quality steam dryness ≥97%, as expected for the demanding Hospital sterilization process ensuring no more wet packs during any sterilization cycle.

The new CSG design has customization options to fit operational needs while ensuring the new inbuilt intelligence allows easy access and visibility of system operation. 

Following a very detailed and unique dynamic and static testing plan, the system has been internally and externally validated to guarantee high performance and remove steam as one potential issue causing “wet packs”. 

The inclusion of optional diagnostic software will be able to integrate with your BAS systems and provide real time performance data enabling early indications of potential problems.

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  • Integrated deaerator tower: Removes noncondensable gasses from the feed water to comply with the AAMI ST79 for sterilization.
  • Integrity test: Unit will conduct guided test during start up to identify tube failures that will prevent cross contamination into clean steam.
  • Performance monitoring: Unit will actively monitor the heating efficiency of the CSG to identify fouling of the heat exchanger for predictive maintenance before issue arise.
  • Sequence operation: Automated start up, recovery and shut down sequences to provide safety and accuracy of CSG operation.
  • Electronic stop (E-stop): Safety trigger that is configurable to suit your requirements to prevent operation based on certain conditions.
  • Lower maintenance time and cost.
  • Reliable and easy to use interface with the packages system providing connectivity as required to local networks.
  • Advanced diagnostic capability providing early indication of any potential operational issues.


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