Are your control valves returning the investment you've made?

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The golden rule when sourcing a control valve is to never buy on initial cost. Instead, look at the hidden costs throughout the valve's lifetime. 

In our Control Valve Buyers Guide, we outline 12 important questions that will help you source a valve that offers long-term value and will reduce your overall cost of ownership. They are:

1. How quickly can the valve be maintained and restored to duty?

It’s vital to reduce costly production delays and release maintenance resource for other productivity critical duties.

2. Is the valve simple to maintain?

The complexity of valve maintenance and required skill level of the operator is a key factor when maintaining the valve, helping to reduce cost of ownership.

3. Does the valve offer long service intervals?

Control valves should deliver years of reliable service before major maintenance is required, such as replacing the valve seat – the longer the service interval, the lower the cost of ownership.

Control Valve installation

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