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The Turbine flowmeters for steam, gases and liquids can be fitted directly into operational pipework using standard hot-tapping techniques, eliminating the need to disrupt production for installation.

Typical savings compared to full-bore flowmeters: 80% for the 600 mm (24") pipelines and - 50% for 250 mm (10") pipelines.

Suitable for installation and servicing under full flow conditions.

Delivers accurate measurements for excellent energy management. 

Outstanding for low flowrate and wide turndown applications. 

Process pressure. 

Turbine flowmeter RIM20

Product Brochure

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Applications Overview for the steam and condensate loop English SPB-1025-US Download PDF
Product Overview English SPB1027-US Download PDF
RIM20 Rotor Insertion Flowmeters English SPB1081-US Download PDF

Technical Documentation


RIM20 Rotor Insertion Flowmeter



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Installation Documentation

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RIM10 Series Rotor Insertion Flowmeters English IM-P198-02-US Download PDF
RIM20 Rotor Insertion Flowmeter English IM-P198-05-US Download PDF
S-Turbo-Bar Insertion Manual English IM-8-603-US Download PDF


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