Gilflo Flowmeters

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Benefits of Gilflo Flowmeters

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Highly Accurate

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Range of Solutions

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Solutions to Suit a Range of Applications

Overview of Gilflo Flowmeters

Variable area pipeline flowmeter with high turndown capability. 

Comes as spring loaded variable version and in-line variable area version.

Unrivaled 100:1 turndown.

Can meter most industrial fluids, steams & gases.

Comprehensive range of associated sensors & instrumentation available.

Product Brochure

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Applications Overview for the steam and condensate loop English SPB-1025-US Download PDF
Flowmeter Product Overview English SPB1063-US Download PDF
Gilflo ILVA flowmeters for steam, liquids and gases English SPB1061-US Download PDF
ILVA20 and MVT10 Flowmeter System English SB-P337-71-US Download PDF
Product Overview English SPB1027-US Download PDF

Technical Documentation

document language reference number download
Gilflo Flowmeters- B Pipeline Unit English TI-8-006-US Download PDF
Gilflo Flowmeters- System Overview English TI-8-008-US Download PDF
Gilflo ILVA 10 and 12 inch English TI-P337-46-US Download PDF
Gilflo ILVA Flowmeter English TI-P337-05 Download PDF
Gilflo ILVA Flowmeter with Mass Flow Transmitter and Compact Stem DN250 and DN300 (10” and 12”) English TI-P337-59-US Download PDF
Gilflo ILVA Flowmeters System Overview English TI-8-010-US Download PDF
ILVA20 Flowmeter and MVT10 Differential Pressure Transmitter for Saturated and Superheated Steam Service English TI-P337-70-US Download PDF

Installation Documentation

document language reference number download
Gilflo 'B' and 'Spool' type Flowmetering Systems English IM-P337-10-US Download PDF
Gilflo ILVA and Gilflo ILVA with Mass Flow English IM-P337-04-US Download PDF


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