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Positioners, Controllers and Sensors


Improve Operational Efficiency

Precise Control


Positioners - fitted to a pneumatically actuated control valve that maximizes its operational efficiency by guaranteeing a set valve position relative to the input control signal.

Controllers - equipment or program within a control system which responds to changes in a measured value by initiating a control action to affect that value.

Sensor - in control terms, the element which responds directly to the value of the controlled condition.

SP400 and SP500 energy efficient electropneumatic valve positioners

Product Brochure

document language reference number download
Applications Overview for the steam and condensate loop English SPB-1025-US Download PDF
Controls and Instrumentation English SPB1047-US Download PDF
EP500 Electropneumatic Positioner English STR1037-US Download PDF
Product Overview English SPB1027-US Download PDF
SP400 Smart Positioner English STR1018-US Download PDF
SP500 Programmable Positioner English STR1017-US Download PDF

Technical Documentation

document language reference number download
EP500 Advanced Electropneumatic Positioner English TI-P343-45-US Download PDF
IPC4A Converter English TI-P343-07-US Download PDF
PN6000 Series Fail Open Pneumatic Actuator for K Series Valves English TI-1-513-US Download PDF
PP5 Pneumatic Positioner English TI-1-610-US Download PDF
SP400 Electropneumatic Smart Positioner English TI-P343-36-US Download PDF
SP500 Electropneumatic Smart Positioner English TI-P343-34-US Download PDF
Stonel Limit Switch English TI-1-617-US Download PDF
Stonel Position Transmitter English TI-1-616-US Download PDF
SX80 Process Controller English TI-P323-28-US Download PDF
SX90 Process Controller English TI-P323-30-US Download PDF

Installation Documentation

document language reference number download
EP500 Advanced ATEX Electropneumatic Positioner English IM-P343-46-US Download PDF
Fieldbus Valve Postioner English IM-P370-21-US Download PDF
Profibus PA Valve Positioner English IM-P370-22-US Download PDF
SP2 Options English IM-P343-22-US Download PDF
SP200 Electropneumatic Smart Positioner English IM-P343-29-US Download PDF
SP2-Electropneumatic Smart Positioner English IM-P343-19-US Download PDF
SP400 Electropneumatic Smart Positioner English IM-P343-37-US Download PDF
SP500 Electropneumatic Smart Positioner English IM-P343-35-US Download PDF
SX27 Series Process Controller English IM-UK323-01-US Download PDF
SX65 Series Temperature Controller English IM-P323-15-US Download PDF
SX77 Series Advanced Process Controller English IM-UK323-02-US Download PDF
SX80 and SX90 Engineering User Manual English IM-P323-35-US Download PDF
SX80 and SX90 Quickstart Guide English IM-P323-32-US Download PDF


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