Level Controls

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Benefits of Level Controls

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Achieve Energy Savings

Lower costs

Reduce Operating Costs


A level control system consists of a sensor, controller, valve or pump and may be on-off or modulating. 

It is vital that your boiler water levels be monitored safely and accurately. 

Products compliant with all relevant standards and regulations. 

Safe working environment for your employees. 

Reduce the risk of accidents in the boiler house.

Product Brochure

document language reference number download
Applications Overview for the steam and condensate loop English SPB-1025-US Download PDF
Electronic Steam Boiler Controls English SPB1019-US Download PDF
Product Overview English SPB1027-US Download PDF

Installation Documentation

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APS 1 Probe Simulator English IM-P402-69-US Download PDF
CP 10 Sensor English IM-P403-26-US Download PDF
CP30 Conductivity Probe English IM-P403-34-US Download PDF
CP32 Conductivity Probe English IM-P403-58-US Download PDF
LC1300 Level Controller English IM-P402-111-US Download PDF
LC2200 Controller English IM-P402-77-US Download PDF
LC2400 Controller English IM-P402-84-US Download PDF
LC2500 Level Controller English IM-P402-50-US Download PDF
LC2610 Level Controller English IM-P402-93-US Download PDF
Level Control LC1000 English IM-P402-25-US Download PDF
Level Control LC3000 English IM-P402-36-US Download PDF
Level Controller LC2300 English IM-P402-72-US Download PDF
Level Transmitter LT2010 English IM-P402-62-US Download PDF
LP 20 Capacitance Level Probe English IM-P402-37-US Download PDF
LP 30 Level Probe English IM-P402-44-US Download PDF
LP 31 Level Probe English IM-P402-80-US Download PDF
LP10-4 Level Probe English IM-P402-92-US Download PDF
PA 20 Pre-Amplifier English IM-P402-67-US Download PDF
WAV1 Solenoid Valve English IM-P405-27-US Download PDF


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