PC3000 and PC4000 Pipeline Connectors Range

Spirax Sarco Accumulator


Spirax Sarco, the leader in products and services for steam system solutions is pleased to announce the release of the PC3000 & PC4000 pipeline connector range.

It's the next generation in Pipeline Connectors

This range has been developed to satisfy the needs of modern process industries, significantly simplifying installation and reducing maintenance time. Traditional steam trapping assemblies often require the plant to be shutdown for new traps to be installed, taking significant time and reducing production output. The PC3000 & PC4000 pipeline connectors, with single or double isolation, allow steam traps to be installed without need for process shutdown.

These pipeline connectors are ideal for the oil and petrochemical and the specialty chemical industry and they are suitable for manifold applications where steam traps are used on tracing and main line drainage.

Some of the features and benefits include:

ASME 600 rated forged body – suitable for use on lines up to 800°F

Fully shrouded piston valve stem – reducing potential of corrosion

Strainer fitted as standard – protects steam trap from debris entrained in the condensate

Product Information

To learn more about this product range, visit the product page now.

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