IBV Inverted Bucket Steam Traps for High Pressures



Spirax Sarco announces the release of the IBV range of High Pressure Inverted Bucket Steam Traps from ½” to 3”.

The IBV range delivers high performance steam trapping for applications such as power generation, oil and gas, and oil sand processes where equipment must withstand high pressures and temperatures, with capacities up to 31,000 lbs/hr.

The IBV is fully automatic and designed with minimal friction from the mechanism movement; valve closure is immediate, without any steam loss. This ensures maximum plant efficiency. This range of inverted bucket steam traps has been fabricated and manufactured to ASME 900 standards, making sure that the product will operate safely and comply with industry regulations.

The standard offering includes carbon steel and alloy steel body and cover, with socket weld and flanged, to ASME 900. Threaded connections and NACE versions available for corrosive environments upon request.


Product Information

Technical Information about the IBV Inverted Bucket Steam Traps is just a mouse click away.

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