The Hook Up Book Design of Fluid Systems

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The Hook-Up Book Design of Fluid Systems is a reference for those actively engaged in the design, operation and maintenance of steam, air and liquid systems. It is also intended as a learning tool to teach engineers how to design productive steam and fluid systems, efficiently and cost effectively.

The Hook Up Book Design of Fluid Systems

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This essential book is a comprehensive collection of design concepts, sizing tables and formulas, diagrams of fluid design applications and hook-ups, and an overview of current fluid control technology.

This relatively short powerful tool delivers the why, where, when, what, and how answers to your questions about the delivery and control of steam, condensate, and other industrial liquids.


  • Illustrated Hook-Ups
  • Case In Action stories of real world applications
  • Engineering data and information to assist in estimating loads and flow rates
  • Complete library of Spirax Sarco steam traps
  • Summary of the range of Spirax Sarco equipment utilized in the hook-ups
  • Subject Index

Product Details

  • Paperback: 179 pages
  • Publication date: 13th edition, August 2017
  • Language: English
  • Units of measurement: Imperial

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