TD46M range of Thermodynamic Steam Traps

Clean steam production environment


Spirax Sarco announces the release of the TD46M range of ASME 600 thermodynamic steam traps which includes the UTDS46M, TDS46M and TDC46M.

These traps offer a robust solution for medium pressure applications where venting air quickly during start-up and reducing warm-up time is required. 

The maintainable internals allow end-users to repair the traps as an alternative to replacement thereby reducing the total cost of ownership.  The TD46M range is available in two body materials – UTDS46M and TDS46M in stainless steel and TDC46M in carbon steel.  

Additional benefits of the TD46M range include:

Simple and quick maintenance that reduces customer cost

Superior shut off therefore minimizing steam loss

Integral strainers protects internals from dirt and debris increasing product reliability

Excellent durability and long service life

The TD46M range is well suited to drain medium pressure saturated and superheated steam mains and turbine drainage.  Primary markets include the oil & gas, specialty chemicals and the power industry. 

Product Information

Technical information about the TD46M range is just a mouse click away.

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