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Insights for Efficiency

If downtime due to maintenance issues is causing you a headache and you need to find ways to reduce waste while maintaining an excellent product, you might find answers in our insights paper ‘Are your control valves spoiling your process?'

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Sterilisation, Steam Quality, Bioreactors & CIP/SIP in Pharma

In this webinar we will discuss the importance of sterilisation, steam quality, bioreactors & CIP/SIP in Pharmaceutical process steam systems.

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A high efficiency energy saving solution.

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Avoid contamination risk

Where steam is in direct contact with your food product.

Spirax Sarco can help reduce the potential food contamination risk in your direct injection process.

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STS17.2 – The quick-fit steam trapping solution

The STS17.2 steam trap station has been designed to increase energy efficiency, system reliability and reduce maintenance time and cost.

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VLM20 Vortex Flowmeter

Increase the accuracy of your metering with our VLM20 Vortex Flowmeter, it has integrated pressure and temperature sensors making it reliable and cost effective.

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