Steam Trapping just got easier

The STS17.2 range of compact, modular steam trapping stations are designed to provide a convenient ‘ready to install’ steam trapping solution. 

They offer a complete new design incorporating upstream and downstream isolation valves, an inline maintainable check valve and special steam trap connector with strainer.

Saves energy – helps reduce fuel and running costs as well as lowering carbon emissions

Minimises downtime – enables a steam trap to be replaced in minutes instead of hours, reducing plant downtime significantly

Low maintenance – utilises Quick-Fit steam trapping technology for fast and simple steam trap maintenance

Simple and safe operation – through easy indication of lockable valve position and 'two-bolt' steam trap connection

Easy specification – after Quick-Fit trap selection, no other components need to be specified or purchased, saving time and cost


STS17.2 Steam trapping station

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