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New 3D CAD Model Library

Access 3D CAD models in over 60 different file formats in our new 3D CAD Model Library hosted by TraceParts

  • New 3D CAD Model Library (hosted by Traceparts)

    This library of 3D models is hosted by TraceParts and a new account will be required. It is possible to search for and filter products using many different attributes. The models can be downloaded for free in over 60 different file formats. It is also possible to quickly and easily request quotes for products through the site.

  • Legacy 3D CAD Model Library

    ****This application only runs in Internet Explorer Compatibility Mode, with IE11 recommended**** The‍ ‍products in this library are available in AutoCAD DWG, ACIS SAT or STEP file formats. This library will soon be removed from the website as all data and functionality has been migrated over to the New 3D CAD Model Library hosted by TraceParts.

  • Request a new 3D Model

    If the 3D CAD Models that you require are not currently available on the New 3D CAD Model Library site and you'd like to request they be added, please click on the link above to contact our CAD enquiries team and include the details of the product you'd like a model for including the product name, the connection type and the connection size.

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