Spira-trol valves

are maintenance-friendly

Spira-trol maintenance


Quick and easy maintenance

Spirax Sarco's Spira-trol series of control valves have been developed to meet the highest process requirements for the industry of today and tomorrow.

Time is money. A good service life, with quick and easy maintenance and no specialised tooling required, coupled with their modular design and readily available spares helps to reduce the cost of ownership, saving you money and maximising the availability of the system or plant. 

This can have a hugepositive impact on return of investment (ROI).

Spirax Sarco is expert in the field of steam controls and specialise in control fittings in steam and condensate technology.

Discover how a few small changes to your control valves could boost productivity in your plant and how to make your process more efficient, accurate and reliable, while also saving maintenance time and cost.

Their complimentary demonstration provides a hands on experience on all these benefits. 

Quick and easy maintenance

Spira-Trol demo
We offer complimentary onsite demonstration to showcase the different interchangeable spares, plug and seats and how easy inline maintenance would be. Contact Spirax Sarco SA to book a demo